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Etruria [1 Font]

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Font Etruria is based on a real Etruscan inscriptions and realistic accurately simulates the writing of the Etruscans. The idea of the font Etruria is to give an opportunity for anyone to touch the past of mankind!

The character of the Etruscan alphabet involves the creation of a font with only uppercase letters. However, I did not limit this font by that. Etruria has not only a lowercase is different from uppercase, but an additional sets of alternative characters.

In General, the main characteristic of Etruscan writing is randomness and diversity of characters. Differs from lowercase to uppercase is only the first step on the road to make randomness effect. Next to the aid of the OT features. To recreate the randomness effect, in Etruria there are several OT features (Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates and Stylistic Sets), which built a script to simulate randomness. Additionally, another script creates the effect of random positioning. Together they create incredibly realistic Etruscan inscription.

Thus, any of these features can be disabled at will. I also used a small line spacing, because it is characteristic of the Etruscan writing.

Actually the Etruscan writings is a mirror of the writings compared with the current European alphabets. I didn’t use this feature all the letters, because this would make the font difficult to perceive, but to make the font characteristic of the Etruscan style, Etruria has a few letters in mirror image. However, if for someone it may seem unusual, mirrored letters can be disabled instead of them will appear more familiar to them.

Another feature of Etruscan writing is the use instead of a space dotacentered. Font Etruria has this feature, there is a OT feature Stylistic set ss03. Naturally, it also can optionally be disabled.

All these features can be used together, separately, or turn it off.

The main goal achieved! The text typed in Etruria, creates full impression of these Etruscan inscriptions.

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