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Eurocine Super Family [36 Fonts]

Eurocine Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Eurocine is an expansive display typeface – a square sans serif that’s perfect for titling, headlines, logotype and branding. This 36-font family is packed with features to make it supremely versatile.

This typeface attempts to capture the mood of movie credits from European Cinema in the 1970s, with a focus on Giallo films in particular. In terms of style, Eurocine sits somewhere between Walter Baum and Konrad Friedrich Bauer’s Folio, and Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile. With Eurocine you get a more versatile typeface by way of its small caps and additional stylistic sets giving you extended caps, extended small caps, and petite caps, as well as upper and lowercase unicase. Creating typographic masterpieces of your own will be so much easier!

Key features:

• 6 Weights in Roman and Oblique

• 3 Widths – Narrow, Regular, Wide

• Extended Caps

• Small Caps

• Extended Small Caps

• Petite Caps

• Unicase

• Old Style Figures

• European Language Support (Latin)

• 1,200 glyphs per font.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Eurocine Black
Eurocine Black Oblique
Eurocine Bold
Eurocine Bold Oblique
Eurocine Hairline
Eurocine Hairline Oblique
Eurocine Light
Eurocine Light Oblique
Eurocine Medium
Eurocine Medium Oblique
Eurocine Narrow
Eurocine Narrow Black
Eurocine Narrow Black Oblique
Eurocine Narrow Bold
Eurocine Narrow Bold Oblique
Eurocine Narrow Hairline
Eurocine Narrow Hairline Oblique
Eurocine Narrow Light
Eurocine Narrow Light Oblique
Eurocine Narrow Medium
Eurocine Narrow Medium Oblique
Eurocine Narrow Oblique
Eurocine Oblique
Eurocine Regular
Eurocine Wide
Eurocine Wide Black
Eurocine Wide Black Oblique
Eurocine Wide Bold
Eurocine Wide Bold Oblique
Eurocine Wide Hairline
Eurocine Wide Hairline Oblique
Eurocine Wide Light
Eurocine Wide Light Oblique
Eurocine Wide Medium
Eurocine Wide Medium Oblique
Eurocine Wide Oblique


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Eurocine Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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