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How should an authentic baudelairean type look like?

Aesthetically beautiful, that’s for sure. Intellectual, neurotic. Uptight — oh, the conventions of the time. Easily readable — still 20 years to go until the age of art nouveau with its outrage of typefaces. It may have a vibe of a Paris salon – salute to the Parnassiens. Such a modern-class (don’t mix it with the modern-styled) pharmaceutical Antiqua. Contrasts, thin serifs, the integrity of the operating theatre.

But Baudelaire is not Heredia. «Une charogne» is not that much a vivid metaphor as a drawing from nature. The baudelairean typeface should have its cavern, flow, dark side.

Not to demonstrate the fragile romantic profile of a cursed poet, as Baudelaire was seen 130 years ago, but to express the real pain. A true, unattractive, egoistic, suicidal passion.

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