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FM Bolyar TypeCraft Super Family [70 Fonts]

Fm Bolyar Typecraft Super Family [70 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Fm Bolyar Typecraft Super Family [70 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

A super font family mastered to an unparalleled level of precision, Bolyar TypeCraft is a collection multiple textured styles that represent historical printing techniques. A proud member of our successful Bolyar lineage this unique type family provides unlimited options for your creativity and is quite able to satisfy every typographic taste. If you are addicted to classic vintage style, then you could easily use Bolyar TypeCraft for almost any project of desire – from letterheads, logos and catchy headlines to elegant packaging, book covers and wine labels. Alternates, Swashes and Ligatures will help you customize almost every single letter and fit perfectly to your artwork.

Bolyar TypeCraft provides a broad range of advanced typographical features: Multiple subfamilies each packing the two classic Bolyar styles – Regular (N) and Ornate (O). Five weights per style ranging from thin (100) to black (900) with full multilingual support for all Latin based languages as well as Cyrillic. A 1000+ glyphs per weight including three multilingual stylistic sets, swash designs and useful discretionary ligatures. Sub- and superscript basic Latin and Cyrillic glyphs as well as figures. Two positional models for lowercase accessed as OpenType case sensitive forms – baseline (default) or vertical centering. Contextual alternates and special stylistic set with different contour roughness exclusively developed for Bolyar Rough subfamily. A multifunctional Bolyar Shadow family witch can be flawlessly paired with any of the sub-family styles provided.

Fonts Included:

FM Bolyar EngravedOneNPro-100
FM Bolyar EngravedOneNPro-300
FM Bolyar EngravedOneNPro-500
FM Bolyar EngravedOneNPro-700
FM Bolyar EngravedOneOPro-100
FM Bolyar EngravedOneOPro-300
FM Bolyar EngravedOneOPro-700
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoNPro-300
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoNPro-500
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoNPro-700
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoNPro-900
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoOPro-100
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoOPro-300
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoOPro-500
FM Bolyar EngravedTwoOPro-900
FM Bolyar RoughNPro-100
FM Bolyar RoughNPro-300
FM Bolyar RoughNPro-500
FM Bolyar RoughNPro-700
FM Bolyar RoughNPro-900
FM Bolyar RoughOPro-100
FM Bolyar RoughOPro-300
FM Bolyar RoughOPro-500
FM Bolyar RoughOPro-700
FM Bolyar RoughOPro-900
FM Bolyar RoughProOrnaments
FM Bolyar RustOneNPro-100
FM Bolyar RustOneNPro-300
FM Bolyar RustOneNPro-700
FM Bolyar RustOneNPro-900
FM Bolyar RustOneOPro-100
FM Bolyar RustOneOPro-300
FM Bolyar RustOneOPro-700
FM Bolyar RustTwoNPro-500
FM Bolyar RustTwoNPro-700
FM Bolyar RustTwoOPro-100
FM Bolyar RustTwoOPro-300
FM Bolyar RustTwoOPro-500
FM Bolyar RustTwoOPro-700
FM Bolyar RustTwoOPro-900
FM Bolyar ShadowNPro-100
FM Bolyar ShadowNPro-300
FM Bolyar ShadowNPro-500
FM Bolyar ShadowNPro-700
FM Bolyar ShadowNPro-900
FM Bolyar ShadowOPro-100
FM Bolyar ShadowOPro-300
FM Bolyar ShadowOPro-500
FM Bolyar ShadowOPro-700
FM Bolyar ShadowOPro-900
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneNPro-100
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneNPro-300
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneNPro-500
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneNPro-700
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneNPro-900
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneOPro-100
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneOPro-300
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneOPro-500
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneOPro-700
FM Bolyar WoodcutOneOPro-900
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoNPro-100
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoNPro-300
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoNPro-500
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoNPro-700
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoNPro-900
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoOPro-100
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoOPro-300
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoOPro-500
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoOPro-700
FM Bolyar WoodcutTwoOPro-900


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Fm Bolyar Typecraft Super Family [70 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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