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Frontis Super Family [24 Fonts]

Frontis Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Inspired by the Roman lettershapes that Asensio y Mejorada drew in 1780, Frontis is a text typeface that takes this reference just as a starting point. The delicate appearance of Neoclassical fonts becomes confidence in Frontis.

The characters have a solid skeleton, and the text looks classy in the condensed half of the family. A style that shines especially at display sizes.

A collection of vegetal motifs and some stylistic uppercase ligatures complete the character set. These extra shapes serve to frame and bring together all the weights and styles in the type family. The lapidary ligatures and the ornaments underline the 18th-century roots of the design. There is a connection between Frontis and those classic letters that were once engraved on stone. And yet, the design is daring enough to make it a perfect choice for contemporary use.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Frontis Bold
Frontis Bold Italic
Frontis Condensed Bold
Frontis Condensed Bold Italic
Frontis Condensed Demi Bold
Frontis Condensed Demi Bold Italic
Frontis Condensed Heavy
Frontis Condensed Heavy Italic
Frontis Condensed Light
Frontis Condensed Light Italic
Frontis Condensed Medium
Frontis Condensed Medium Italic
Frontis Condensed Regular
Frontis Condensed Regular Italic
Frontis Demi Bold
Frontis Demi Bold Italic
Frontis Heavy
Frontis Heavy Italic
Frontis Light
Frontis Light Italic
Frontis Medium
Frontis Medium Italic
Frontis Regular
Frontis Regular Italic


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Frontis Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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