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FS Millbank [17 Fonts]

Fs Millbank [17 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

When designer Stuart de Rozario surveyed the fonts used in signage on London’s public transport systems, he reached a dead end. They seemed staid, sterile, lacking in personality, and ill-suited to use by modern brands.

He was pointed in another direction entirely. ‘The driving force behind my thoughts was to design something more current and fresh without compromising legibility and clarity. A font with both personality and function, that’s versatile and large and small sizes, and effortless to read, but which also says something new.’

Fonts Included:

FS Millbank Bold Italic
FS Millbank Bold
FS Millbank Heavy Italic
FS Millbank Heavy
FS Millbank Icons
FS Millbank Italic
FS Millbank Light Italic
FS Millbank Light
FS Millbank Negative-Bold
FS Millbank Negative-BoldItalic
FS Millbank Negative-Heavy
FS Millbank Negative-HeavyItalic
FS Millbank Negative-Italic
FS Millbank Negative-Light
FS Millbank Negative-LightItalic
FS Millbank Negative-Regular
FS Millbank Regular


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