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FS Silas Sans [10 Fonts]

Fs Silas Sans [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Fs Silas Sans [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

There are hidden depths to FS Silas Sans. First impressions are of a functional, multi-purpose typeface with a cool, edgy, angular character. Gaze into its eyes a little longer, though, and you’ll detect a more nuanced, colourful personality, with full, open, satisfyingly squarish forms balancing the abruptness of the sharply-angled terminals and ascenders. Authoritative, official and stern on the outside; amiable and welcoming on the inside.

Fonts Included:

FS Silas Sans Bold
FS Silas Sans Bold Italic
FS Silas Sans ExtraBold
FS Silas Sans ExtraBold Italic
FS Silas Sans Italic
FS Silas Sans Light
FS Silas Sans Light Italic
FS Silas Sans Regular
FS Silas Sans Thin
FS Silas Sans Thin Italic


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