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Fuse [18 Fonts]

Fuse [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Fuse [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

by W Type Foundry in Fonts

This font is inspired by two typographic styles, incorporating (both) geometry and humanism. It combines the rhythm of such typefaces as Meta Pro and The Sans, as well as terminations and structures from fonts like Din and Futura. This results in a font that plays with condensation and a parallel rhythm, simple and functional.

Fuse is perfectly equipped with Opentype, it contains alternative glyphs, fractions, modern and old numbers, superscripts and subscripts, ligatures and Small Caps. We always kept the idea of having Fuse be humanistic, rational and universal, which makes it ideal for graphic design, printed publications, web design, motion graphics, interaction design and branding.

Fonts Included:

Fuse Black
Fuse BlackItalic
Fuse Bold
Fuse BoldItalic
Fuse Book
Fuse BookItalic
Fuse ExtraBold
Fuse ExtraBoldItalic
Fuse Italic
Fuse Light
Fuse LightItalic
Fuse Regular
Fuse Thin
Fuse ThinItalic
Fuse UltraBlack
Fuse UltraBlackItalic
Fuse UltraLight
Fuse UltraLightItalic


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