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Galderglynn Super Family [25 Fonts]

Galderglynn Super Family [25 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Galderglynn Super Family [25 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Galderglynn 1884 is a nineteenth-century style sans-serif typeface. This is a refined expansion of another typeface called Galderglynn Esquire. Galderglynn Esquire was an intentionally rustic looking typeface based on a mixture or several pre-twentieth century grotesques employing deliberately unrefined weight and spacing. Galderglynn 1884 has at its base that same pastoral design but polished into a practical workhorse font family. The condensed fonts are slightly squared off with careful effort employed to keep the style squarely in the nineteenth-century—more like a typical condensed newspaper headline type than a twentieth-century superellipitcal like Eurostile or Univers. The extra-condensed “squeeze” fonts are completely flat-sided, not unlike old wooden poster types or extremely tight metal newspaper headline fonts.

If your application supports OpenType features, you can access tabular and lowercase (old-style) numerals. A Cyrillic alphabet is included as well as accents for common Latin languages. There are three special effect fonts available: all-capitals shadow and engraved regular and condensed styles.

Fonts Included (.TTF):

Galderglynn 1884 Bold
Galderglynn 1884 Bold Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Bold
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Bold Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Demibold
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Demibold Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Light
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Light Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Regular
Galderglynn 1884 Cd Regular Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Demibold
Galderglynn 1884 Demibold Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Engraved Cd Regular
Galderglynn 1884 Engraved Regular
Galderglynn 1884 Extra Light
Galderglynn 1884 Extra Light Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Light
Galderglynn 1884 Light Italic
Galderglynn 1884 Regular
Galderglynn 1884 Sh Cd Regular
Galderglynn 1884 Squeeze Bold
Galderglynn 1884 Squeeze Demibold
Galderglynn 1884 Squeeze Light
Galderglynn 1884 Squeeze Regular


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Galderglynn Super Family [25 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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