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Gaudi ND [1 Font]

Gaudi Nd [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

182629 []

Gaudí ND is part of Neufville Digital’s GRAFÍA LATINA Collection.

Ricard Giralt Miracle’s relationship with letters and typefaces goes back to his childhood. His father, Francesc Giralt III, a noted lithographer, taught him to draw the different families of typefaces, particularly those of the Roman, English and Egyptian traditions, to which he subsequently added sans serif founts. His mastery of the anatomy and architecture of the letter enabled him not only to apply the classic founts with rigour and grace, but also to design new founts with a structural and aesthetic personality of their own.

For him, letters were almost living things; it is significant that he defined typography as an occidental ikebana. He studied the thickness of the stems, the serifs, the fills and counters, the spaces between words and lines, in order to endow each fount with its own characteristic physiognomy.

Of the many typefaces he created, the most widely used and highly acclaimed is the Gaudí, for which he was awarded a Delta d’Or by the ADIFAD; this combines the compositional spirit of Roman-lapidary inscriptions with that of modern sans serif typefaces. The orthogonal angles of the serifs establish a recurring rhythm and give uniformity to the capitals of this fount.

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Gaudi Nd [1 Font] | The Fonts Master



Gaudi ND

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