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Gentona Super Family [18 Fonts]

Gentona Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Designed for a wide range of applications, Gentona was intended to support the goals of contemporary design paired with a mostly swiss oriented demand on typography – neutrality. The result is a nine-weight neo-grotesque family ranging from sharp and fine thin cuts to muscle-bound and strong heavy weights. Gentona’s confident and open shapes support legibility especially in small sizes while its alternative shapes and letterforms create flexibility. A wide range of typographic features round up the whole family.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Gentona Bold Italic
Gentona Book
Gentona Book Italic
Gentona ExtraBold
Gentona ExtraBold Italic
Gentona ExtraLight
Gentona ExtraLight Italic
Gentona Heavy
Gentona Heavy Italic
Gentona Light
Gentona Light Italic
Gentona Medium
Gentona Medium Italic
Gentona SemiBold
Gentona SemiBold Italic
Gentona Thin
Gentona Thin Italic


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Gentona Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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