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Gessetto [9 Fonts]

Gessetto [9 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gessetto [9 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gessetto is an extensive chalk font family, containing script, sans, roman, figures and ornaments. One of the things most charming about chalkboard lettering is the variation; in both texture and style. Our goal was to achieve a real chalk effect using the varied typographic genres in a digital format.

With flexibility and control for the designer in mind, we built a digital chalk toolkit. The script is a fusion of Italic Roman and cursive, it contains swashy alternates for each capital letters with some long and extended flair on some ascendent and descendent letters. An all caps high contrast sans is in 5 complimentary styles. The Roman is precisely proportioned and maintains elegance while being bold. There is a set of Figures and ornaments.

Each character was drawn with underlying calligraphic principles onto a black stone board before being photographed and digitised.

Gessetto is perfect to grab attention on signage, print advertising and editorial applications like book covers, but suits branding applications too. The diverse styles and subtle handcrafted textures in this display type family will well serve any designer looking for the authentic chalkboard aesthetic.

Fonts Included:

Gessetto Figures
Gessetto Ornaments
Gessetto Roman
Gessetto Sans
Gessetto Sans Backslanted
Gessetto Sans Cursive
Gessetto Sans II
Gessetto Sans III
Gessetto Script


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