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GFY Handwriting Fontpak #2 Super Family [23 Fonts]

Gfy Handwriting Fontpak #2 Super Family [23 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About GFY Handwriting Fontpak #2:

Explore a diverse range of 23 different handwriting styles with the new Go Font Yourself! Volume 2 Fontpak. This is a collection of 23 new, genuine handwriting fonts in OpenType format for Mac or PC.

Fancy cursive or extrabold marker, stylish script or sassy scribbles; this fontpack is loaded a lot of personality.

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. GFY Artie
  2. GFY Bobby
  3. GFY Bobbys Kid
  4. GFY Bracco
  5. GFY Butcher
  6. GFY Carmela
  7. GFY Christopha
  8. GFY Clarice
  9. GFY Erin B
  10. GFY Father Mike
  11. GFY Finn
  12. GFY Furio
  13. GFY Georgio
  14. GFY Janice
  15. GFY Junior
  16. GFY Madre
  17. GFY Meadow
  18. GFY Paulie
  19. GFY Syl
  20. GFY Tina
  21. GFY Tony
  22. GFY Uncle Junior
  23. GFY Vito

Normal Price:

– – – >GFY Handwriting Fontpak #2 is a Super Family that normally costs $234 to purchase < – – –

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Gfy Handwriting Fontpak #2 Super Family [23 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Gfy Handwriting Fontpak #2


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