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Gitan [10 Fonts]

Gitan [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gitan [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gitan (formerly Sherpa Sans) is a flared sans serif, reminiscent of engraving and stone carving. Sturdy and informal, the design features a moderate contrast. Cuneiform head serifs and deeply cut wedge terminals give Gitan a sculptural appeal – a quality desired for all things display. A rhythmic pattern and the classic construction make it sparkle in text. A natural look with a dynamic, that thrives in wooden and rock-solid materials. Gitan’s natural habitat is at the crossroads of editorial and packaging work, but by nature Gitan is flexible and willing to take risks.

Fonts Included:

Gitan Latin Bold
Gitan Latin Bold Italic
Gitan Latin ExtraBold Regular
Gitan Latin ExtraBold Italic
Gitan Latin Italic
Gitan Latin Medium Italic
Gitan Latin Medium Regular
Gitan Latin Regular
Gitan Latin SemiBold Italic
Gitan Latin SemiBold Regular


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