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Goodchild Pro [4 Fonts]

Goodchild Pro [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Goodchild Pro [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Goodchild Pro is a pragmatic text face, equipped for sophisticated academic typography.

The face has a large x-height, as there is little point in adding to the stock of rangy “book” Jensons. Despite this departure from the archetype, in other respects Goodchild is true to the original letter forms in its tight fit, modulation of stroke contrast, and manipulation of x-height and serif size. Jenson’s tiny tittles and diamond-shaped periods have, however, been relinquished.

The finish is not the antiquing that one often finds in Renaissance revivals. 
Here clean, decisive details provide a freshly minted, contemporary appearance, providing a smart impression should one wish to use the face at display size.

Fonts Included:

Goodchild Pro Bold
Goodchild Pro Bold Italic
Goodchild Pro Italic
Goodchild Pro Regular


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