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Gooper [12 Fonts]

Gooper [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gooper [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Gooper was drawn in adoration of goopy, swashy, fat faced, tight and touching old style serifs. It sits as a companion to Cooper, Bookman, and dry transfer/photo lettered era display type. In the 100 years since Cooper’s release, Cooperish letter products (iron on lettering, wood beads, fridge magnets, and foam letters) have grown to flesh out the visual experience of “Cooper Things”. Gooper comes on the tail end of that wide world of low viscosity goop fonts to create something 40% font, 5% type, and 100% fun. Go ahead and switch out whatever heartless minimalist font you were using for this sticky pal—and glippity, gloppity, goop! Your text is ALIVE!

Fonts Included:

Gooper Black
Gooper Black Italic
Gooper Bold
Gooper Bold Italic
Gooper Light
Gooper Light Italic
Gooper Regular
Gooper Regular Italic
Gooper SemiBold
Gooper SemiBold Italic
Gooper Thin
Gooper Thin Italic


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