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Grenale Super Family [48 Fonts]

Grenale Super Family [48 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Grenale Super Family [48 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The elegant Grenale brings a new look to the classic didone. This shimmering sans-serif family with
its mild deco shades alters the typical serifs and terminals of the classic style to form a gracefully eye-catching, high-contrast font.

While high-contrast, sans serif forms tend to disappear in the copy, Grenale’s meticulously designed features exhibit proper balance in the spacing and in the thorough improvements of its contours.
The rigorous consideration given these details leaves a delicate typeface that doesn’t get washed
out in certain applications. Its pure, polished, geometric structure has a glamorous sensitivity,
drawing heavily from the inspiration of the haute couture influence.

Grenale’s thin weights are simple but vibrant–elegant forms that naturally lend themselves to high fashion journals, high-end branding, and other five star applications. With added energy and power,
the thicker weights with their ink traps and optical compensation intensify the gravitas for a statelier
look to the graceful forms. Grenale’s upright versions are also matched by optically adjusted italics, intentionally tailored to maintain their counterparts’ sharp edge, causing the font’s fierce characteristics to shine through the refined face.

The typeface also includes a wide variety of alternates that can be accessed in any OpenType-enabled application. The stylish features include a large group of alternates, swashes, and meticulously precise details with teardrop terminals and alternate titling caps to accessorize the font. Also included are capital swash alternates, old style figures, and small caps. Take a look at the informative PDF brochure to see these features in action. OpenType enabled applications such as the Adobe suite or Quark can take full advantage of the automatic replacing ligatures and alternates. This family also offers the glyphs to support a wide range of languages.

It’s time to think high-class. Graceful and confident, Grenale’s carefully crafted features transfer pleasantly to each page with elegant charm. With its variety of alternate glyphs and its high, classy contrast, this five star font is a great option for bringing a more refined look to your work.

Production assistance for Grenale provided from Lucas Azevedo and iKern.

Fonts Included:

Grenale ConBla
Grenale ConBlaIt
Grenale ConBol
Grenale ConBolIt
Grenale ConBoo
Grenale ConBooIt
Grenale ConHea
Grenale ConHeaIt
Grenale ConLig
Grenale ConLigIt
Grenale ConMed
Grenale ConMedIt
Grenale ConReg
Grenale ConRegIt
Grenale ConThi
Grenale ConThiIt
Grenale ExtBla
Grenale ExtBlaIt
Grenale ExtBol
Grenale ExtBolIt
Grenale ExtBoo
Grenale ExtBooIt
Grenale ExtHea
Grenale ExtHeaIt
Grenale ExtLig
Grenale ExtLigIt
Grenale ExtMed
Grenale ExtMedIt
Grenale ExtReg
Grenale ExtRegIt
Grenale ExtThi
Grenale ExtThiIt
Grenale NorBla
Grenale NorBlaIt
Grenale NorBol
Grenale NorBolIt
Grenale NorBoo
Grenale NorBooIt
Grenale NorHea
Grenale NorHeaIt
Grenale NorLig
Grenale NorLigIt
Grenale NorMed
Grenale NorMedIt
Grenale NorReg
Grenale NorRegIt
Grenale NorThi
Grenale NorThiIt


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Grenale Super Family [48 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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