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Grtsk Super Family [127 Fonts]

Grtsk Super Family [127 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Grtsk Super Family [127 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

You surely know Weight, you probably know Width and you likely know Slant. But how often have you seen all of them combined into a super family of 126 fonts and 1 Variable font that unifies them all? Chances are you haven’t, and this is why we designed Grtsk.

Grtsk can be used in many contexts from funky to serious. With weights ranging from thin to bold, widths variations from narrow to extra wide, and 15 degrees slants and back-slants, now the only limit for your typographic layouts is creativity.

How about a little bit of physics? In total Grtsk has 7 widths named after metric prefixes: Zetta, Exa, Peta, Tera, Giga, and Mega with the Zetta 10²¹ being the narrow width and Mega 10⁶ extra wide. Grtsk Peta 10¹⁵, which is right in the middle, has classic widths and proportions.

Grtsk’s curves are drawn with high precision making sure all 126 fonts are fully compatible with perfectly controlled interpolations. The typeface natively covers Extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts, and as all Black[Foundry] fonts it embeds full sets of currencies, large range of symbols, fractions, and arrows. Grtsk has one extra glyph to represent the concept of waves ⌇ (mapped to Unicode U+2307), freely interpreted to illustrate the smooth variability of the design.

While the design is inspired by the grotesques of the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th centuries, Grtsk is perfectly suited to various contemporary uses in print as well as in digital environments.

The underlying idea is to stay neutral like the classic fonts of the middle of the 20th century, but add a little bit of warmth and personality, a mix of humanist and rational forms, walking the thin line between mechanic and humanist forms. Think about it this way – it’s a design that is one foot in Switzerland with the other in France.
We brought the classic inspiration of previous centuries into the 21st century taking advantage of everything modern technology can offer. Combining a hundred and twenty six weights/widths/styles into one single font offers unprecedented versatility and ubiquity.

Grtsk takes full advantage of variable font technology. With one single font file that would otherwise weight 10Mb it now only weighs about 900Kb.

Fonts Included (.OTF, .TTF):

Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Exa Bkslnt Thin
Grtsk Exa Bold
Grtsk Exa Bold Italic
Grtsk Exa Extralight
Grtsk Exa Extralight Italic
Grtsk Exa Italic
Grtsk Exa Light
Grtsk Exa Light Italic
Grtsk Exa Medium
Grtsk Exa Medium Italic
Grtsk Exa Regular
Grtsk Exa Semibold
Grtsk Exa Semibold Bkslnt
Grtsk Exa Semibold Italic
Grtsk Exa Thin
Grtsk Exa Thin Italic
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Semibold
Grtsk Giga Bkslnt Thin
Grtsk Giga Bold
Grtsk Giga Bold Italic
Grtsk Giga Extralight
Grtsk Giga Extralight Italic
Grtsk Giga Italic
Grtsk Giga Light
Grtsk Giga Light Italic
Grtsk Giga Medium
Grtsk Giga Medium Italic
Grtsk Giga Regular
Grtsk Giga Semibold
Grtsk Giga Semibold Italic
Grtsk Giga Thin
Grtsk Giga Thin Italic
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Semibold
Grtsk Mega Bkslnt Thin
Grtsk Mega Bold
Grtsk Mega Bold Italic
Grtsk Mega Extralight
Grtsk Mega Extralight Italic
Grtsk Mega Italic
Grtsk Mega Light
Grtsk Mega Light Italic
Grtsk Mega Medium
Grtsk Mega Medium Italic
Grtsk Mega Regular
Grtsk Mega Semibold
Grtsk Mega Semibold Italic
Grtsk Mega Thin
Grtsk Mega Thin Italic
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Semibold
Grtsk Peta Bkslnt Thin
Grtsk Peta Bold
Grtsk Peta Bold Italic
Grtsk Peta Extralight
Grtsk Peta Extralight Italic
Grtsk Peta Italic
Grtsk Peta Light
Grtsk Peta Light Italic
Grtsk Peta Medium
Grtsk Peta Medium Italic
Grtsk Peta Regular
Grtsk Peta Semibold
Grtsk Peta Semibold Italic
Grtsk Peta Thin
Grtsk Peta Thin Italic
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Semibold
Grtsk Tera Bkslnt Thin
Grtsk Tera Bold
Grtsk Tera Bold Italic
Grtsk Tera Extralight
Grtsk Tera Extralight Italic
Grtsk Tera Italic
Grtsk Tera Light
Grtsk Tera Light Italic
Grtsk Tera Medium
Grtsk Tera Medium Italic
Grtsk Tera Regular
Grtsk Tera Semibold
Grtsk Tera Semibold Italic
Grtsk Tera Thin
Grtsk Tera Thin Italic
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Bold
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Extralight
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Light
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Medium
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Regular
Grtsk Zetta Bkslnt Semibold
Grtsk Zetta Bold
Grtsk Zetta Bold Italic
Grtsk Zetta Extralight
Grtsk Zetta Extralight Italic
Grtsk Zetta Italic
Grtsk Zetta Light
Grtsk Zetta Light Italic
Grtsk Zetta Medium
Grtsk Zetta Medium Italic
Grtsk Zetta Regular
Grtsk Zetta Semibold
Grtsk Zetta Semibold Italic
Grtsk Zetta Thin
Grtsk Zetta Thin Bkslnt
Grtsk Zetta Thin Italic


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Grtsk Super Family [127 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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