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Haboro Slab Super Family [42 Fonts]

Haboro Slab Super Family [42 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Haboro Slab. It’s a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of font like the first of its family. This slab serif pushes through the clutter powerfully in editorial and corporate work such as business websites and software.

The Haboro hyperfamily as a whole is known for its ability to make the work clear and simple, even with the fonts’ advanced angle–and Slab is no change here. Consistent with Haboro, too, the simplified geometric features of the slab face just make sense, no matter where you use it. Its timeless wedge-molded serifs give this family the formula it needs to function flexibly in jobs from fashion to packaging.

Enhance your output with the font’s wide range of ligatures and alternates, including OpenType alternates. Use Haboro Slab’s large pair of solution glyphs and various other OpenType specifics, too, to give your message the clarity it deserves. Even more, it couples well with the sophisticated didone of the Haboro hyperfamily to further expand your capabilities.

Haboro Slab has every quality you need for successful lettering. Use this modification on a classy tradition to mold and shape your next layout, whether website, iPhone app, advertising, or newspaper. There is no work Haboro Slab won’t power through.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Haboro Slab Condensed Bold Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Bold
Haboro Slab Condensed Book Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Book
Haboro Slab Condensed Demi Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Demi
Haboro Slab Condensed ExBold Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed ExBold
Haboro Slab Condensed Light Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Light
Haboro Slab Condensed Medium Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Medium
Haboro Slab Condensed Regular Italic
Haboro Slab Condensed Regular
Haboro Slab Extended Bold Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Bold
Haboro Slab Extended Book Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Book
Haboro Slab Extended Demi Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Demi
Haboro Slab Extended ExBold Italic
Haboro Slab Extended ExBold
Haboro Slab Extended Light Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Light
Haboro Slab Extended Medium Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Medium
Haboro Slab Extended Regular Italic
Haboro Slab Extended Regular
Haboro Slab Normal Bold Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Bold
Haboro Slab Normal Book Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Book
Haboro Slab Normal Demi Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Demi
Haboro Slab Normal ExBold Italic
Haboro Slab Normal ExBold
Haboro Slab Normal Light Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Light
Haboro Slab Normal Medium Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Medium
Haboro Slab Normal Regular Italic
Haboro Slab Normal Regular


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Haboro Slab Super Family [42 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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