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Hrot [18 Fonts]

Hrot [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Hrot [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Grown organically from the soft aesthetics of Swiss and German airline posters, Hrot is a versatile sans-serif family with eighteen distinctive cuts. Works perfectly in elegant headlines and gives perfect impact to any logotype.

All characters have wider drawing, which makes them pleasant to read in all sizes and works perfectly both in print and digital media. Sharp ended serifs are surprisingly combined with rounded shapes. Select thin or black style, whole structure just breathes air and radiates simplicity.

Conclusion: when humanism meets geometry, the result is a unique personality. Hrot is the final proof.

Fonts Included:

Hrot Premium Black
Hrot Premium BlackItalic
Hrot Premium Bold
Hrot Premium BoldItalic
Hrot Premium Hair
Hrot Premium HairItalic
Hrot Premium Inline
Hrot Premium InlineItalic
Hrot Premium Italic
Hrot Premium Light
Hrot Premium LightItalic
Hrot Premium Medium
Hrot Premium MediumItalic
Hrot Premium Regular
Hrot Premium SemiBold
Hrot Premium SemiBoldItalic
Hrot Premium Thin
Hrot Premium ThinItalic


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