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The Independent Font Collection Super Family [41 Fonts]

The Independent Font Collection Super Family [41 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Independent Font Collection Super Family [41 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Independent font family is a comprehensive suite of typefaces designed in 2013 for The Independent newspaper for their daily print and digital editions. The fonts were conceived and designed as a set of interconnected typefaces – sharing the same proportions and underlying structure – to create a coherent and balanced type family. In addition to the three master sets (Serif, Sans & Condensed), a special Serif Headline cut has been designed for display setting – a version of which is used for the newspaper’s masthead. Recently Sans Stencil and Slab fonts were added to the family to cater for a wider range of applications.

The typeface was awarded top prize at the D&AD awards in 2014, and the Typeface Design prize at the Tokyo Type Directors Club awards in 2015.

Fonts Included:

Independent Headline
IndependentSans Black
IndependentSans BlackItalic
IndependentSans Bold
IndependentSans BoldItalic
IndependentSans Italic
IndependentSans Light
IndependentSans LightItalic
IndependentSans Medium
IndependentSans MediumItalic
IndependentSans Regular
IndependentSansCondensed Black
IndependentSansCondensed Bold
IndependentSansCondensed Light
IndependentSansCondensed Medium
IndependentSansCondensed Regular
IndependentSansStencil Black
IndependentSansStencil Bold
IndependentSansStencil Light
IndependentSansStencil Medium
IndependentSansStencil Regular
IndependentSlab Black
IndependentSlab BlackItalic
IndependentSlab Bold
IndependentSlab BoldItalic
IndependentSlab Italic
IndependentSlab Light
IndependentSlab LightItalic
IndependentSlab Medium
IndependentSlab MediumItalic
IndependentSlab Regular
IndependentText Black
IndependentText BlackItalic
IndependentText Bold
IndependentText BoldItalic
IndependentText Italic
IndependentText Light
IndependentText LightItalic
IndependentText Medium
IndependentText MediumItalic
IndependentText Regular


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The Independent Font Collection Super Family [41 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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