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Isabel Condensed [15 Fonts]

Isabel Condensed [15 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Isabel Condensed [15 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Isabel Condensed and Isabel were made out of necessity to create a new font for children and teenagers, that could be enough friendly and versatile for text in words or even easy-to-read long texts.

The purpose of Isabel is to combine all the nice and friendly features of the simple letters that the teachers teach to the pupils at primary school, as they starting to learn to read, together with the normal editorial fonts we read every day. In this way it generates a very joyful serif font, or even friendly font, with some conservative aspects. In other words, Isabel is a font that, despite of being a “classic features” typography, is proud to show its innocent and ingenuous elements, this gives to the font a new point of view.

The family is composed of 3 parts: the regular version, the italic version and the unicase version.

Each one of them has 5 weights. The italic version has 825 characters; the regular and unicase have 739 and are composed for 220 latin languages, plus cyrilic.

Fonts Included:

Isabel Condensed Black
Isabel Condensed Black-Italic
Isabel Condensed Bold
Isabel Condensed Bold-Italic
Isabel Condensed Light
Isabel Condensed Light-Italic
Isabel Condensed Regular
Isabel Condensed Regular-Italic
Isabel Condensed Thin
Isabel Condensed Thin-Italic


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