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Isidora Super Family [28 Fonts]

Isidora Super Family [28 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Isidora Super Family [28 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Designed by Enrique Hernández V.

Isidora is a modern geometric design based on the classic typefaces of the early 20th Century with a contemporary and functional touch. In spite of its strong and rational structure, the font also looks friendly and expressive, thanks to its rounded terminals. In addition, its diagonal terminal cuts give it a softer and more rounded appearance.

Isidora consists of two 7-weight subfamilies: one (more classic) Regular and one Alternative (more contemporary and for display use). Both subfamilies come in italic version, giving a total of 28 fonts.

Isidora is the perfect font for headlines, logotypes, branding, packaging, publishing and web use. The family contains a set of 438 characters—supporting 207 different languages—and also includes an alternative character set, which allows for more versatility when composing text.

Fonts Included:

Isidora Alt Black
Isidora Alt Black Italic
Isidora Alt Bold
Isidora Alt Bold Italic
Isidora Alt Light
Isidora Alt Light Italic
Isidora Alt Medium
Isidora Alt Medium Italic
Isidora Alt Regular
Isidora Alt Regular Italic
Isidora Alt Semi Bold
Isidora Alt Semi Bold Italic
Isidora Alt Thin
Isidora Alt Thin Italic
Isidora Black
Isidora Black Italic
Isidora Bold
Isidora Bold Italic
Isidora Light
Isidora Light Italic
Isidora Medium
Isidora Medium Italic
Isidora Regular
Isidora Regular Italic
Isidora Semi Bold
Isidora Semi Bold Italic
Isidora Thin
Isidora Thin Italic


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Isidora Super Family [28 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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