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ITC Souvenir Super Family [16 Fonts]

Itc Souvenir Super Family [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Itc Souvenir Super Family [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Souvenir typeface was originally drawn by Morris Fuller Benton in 1914 as a single weight for the American Type Founders company. It was revived in 1967 by Photo-Lettering and optimized for phototypesetting equipment.

ITC was formed in 1971 and, with the help of Photo-Lettering, introduced ITC Souvenir as one of its first font families. ITC Souvenir was designed by Ed Benguiat and comes in four weights, each with a matching italic. A monospace version was added later: ITC Souvenir Monospaced.

Fonts Included:

ITC Souvenir Bold
ITC Souvenir Bold Italic
ITC Souvenir Light
ITC Souvenir Light Italic
ITC Souvenir Medium
ITC Souvenir Medium Bold
ITC Souvenir Medium Bold Italic
ITC Souvenir Medium Italic
ITC Souvenir Std Bold
ITC Souvenir Std Bold Italic
ITC Souvenir Std Demi
ITC Souvenir Std Demi Italic
ITC Souvenir Std Light
ITC Souvenir Std Light Italic
ITC Souvenir Std Medium
ITC Souvenir Std Medium Italic


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Itc Souvenir Super Family [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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