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Jillsville [14 Fonts]

Jillsville [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Jillsville is a sweet, delicate slab-serif typeface with attractive curls. Mathematical symbols, fractions, numeric ordinals and monetary symbols are in good supply. Cyrillic, Greek and almost all Latin-based languages are supported. Jillsville is available in seven weights and italics.

Fonts Included:

Jillsville Bold
Jillsville Bold Italic
Jillsville ExtraBold
Jillsville ExtraBold Italic
Jillsville ExtraLight
Jillsville ExtraLight Italic
Jillsville Italic
Jillsville Light
Jillsville Light Italic
Jillsville SemiBold
Jillsville SemiBold Italic
Jillsville UltraLight
Jillsville UltraLight Italic


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