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Kazimir [10 Fonts]

Kazimir [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Kazimir:

The Kazimir typeface was created by Yury Ostromentsky & Ilya Ruderman in 2015. This static contrast serif typeface has five styles in five weights: from Light to Black. Kazimir typeface is the new way to show Russian book & magazine typography from late XIX to early XX century, especially the typeface of “The History of Russian Philology” of P. N. Polevoy, published by A. F. Marx Publishing House in 1900.

For a modern viewer the typography of those years seems unusual and kind of naive. When we take a book or a magazine from that time it invokes a “They don’t do that anymore” feeling. Kazimir combines the typographic features of that period with contemporary aesthetics.

Kazimir has two stylistic sets — Regular & Irregular in both Roman & Italic styles. The Regular set (the default one) is a more modern character set, and the Irregular one has more display characters. In Adobe programs you can choose the set in the OpenType menu: “Stylistic set / Set 1”. You may use Regular & Irregular characters separately or combine them in any way you want.

Kazimir is good for both short texts and headlines. It contains ligatures, case sensitive forms and extra pre-revolutionary symbols, such as Ѣ, ѣ, Ѳ, ѳ, Ѵ, ѵ.

Fonts included:

  1. Kazimir
  2. Kazimir Black
  3. Kazimir Black Italic
  4. Kazimir Bold
  5. Kazimir Bold Italic
  6. Kazimir Italic
  7. Kazimir Light
  8. Kazimir Light Italic
  9. Kazimir Medium
  10. Kazimir Medium Italic

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