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Latienne Super Family [34 Fonts]

Latienne Super Family [34 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Latienne Super Family [34 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The intense creative activity in the 19th century throughout the fine arts also left its mark upon typography. This era brought forth not only the slab-serif and the sans serif types, but also the Latines of which the most characteristic feature is the distinct triangular form of the serifs.

In the mid-1980s, I was commissioned to design an original and broadly useful typeface based on the Latines. The result of this work is the Latienne typeface family which, contrary to most of the earlier Latines or their curious latter-day interpretations, well exceeds the applicability of a mere display- or poster-type. Latienne is a fresh and lively design with a pleasant readability well suited for extensive body copy as well as display tasks. Working on the basis of forms made with a flat-headed brush, I was able to create an italic with a fun, festive character.

Completed and first released in 1991, Latienne has become a popular typeface amongst sign-, book jacket- and packaging designers. Now this extensive family has been improved and expanded for a new release at TypeCulture.

This is the only version of Latienne on the market with a broad range of advanced OpenType typographic features – making it the most sophisticated, versatile and easy-to-use version available.

Fonts Included:

LatienneSCTEEReg Italic
LatienneSCTReg Italic
LatienneSwaT Bold Italic
LatienneSwaT Bold
LatienneSwaT Italic
LatienneSwaTEE Bold Italic
LatienneSwaTEE Bold
LatienneSwaTEE Italic
LatienneSwaTEEMed Italic
LatienneSwaTMed Italic
LatienneT Bold Italic
LatienneT Bold
LatienneT Italic
LatienneTEE Bold Italic
LatienneTEE Bold
LatienneTEE Italic
LatienneTEEMed Italic
LatienneTMed Italic
LatienneURWDCDReg Italic


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Latienne Super Family [34 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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