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Lust Hedonist [4 Fonts]

Lust Hedonist [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Lust Hedonist:

When I initially drew the letterforms for Lust and Lust Script, I thought I had it, I thought I had created some of the most wantonly teasing letterforms I could produce. It didn’t take long before I wasn’t satisfied and was convinced I could take it further—but I questioned its usability. Other than being almost Venusian in proportions and bearing a much greater contrast, I worried it could not be reasonably used so I did nothing but sketch out the basics and move on. But those early sketches stuck with me, and led to refinements far faster than I anticipated… it seemed almost natural to continue on, so I developed each of the 4 main styles associated with Lust: the Regular, Didone, Italic AND Script. All have been completed and mastered to worked seamlessly amongst their immediate and extended families.

Why choose the moniker Hedonist? Simple. Early on while I was sketching, I asked myself what would make the me the happiest to see done. The letterforms, especially the Script style are very self-indulgent for me, dare I say Hedonistic, and how I like to see letter masses taken to extreme contrast. That’s how the name was born, and as such, that theme stuck through the process of producing this typeface… What Gives You Pleasure? Hopefully, this rather Hedonistic typeface will. Enjoy.

And one note: Size matters with this typeface… the larger the better.

Fonts included:

  1. Lust Hedonist
  2. Lust Hedonist Didone
  3. Lust Hedonist Italic
  4. Lust Hedonist Script

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Download Lust Hedonist Family

Lust Hedonist

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