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Magg [8 Fonts]

Magg [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Magg [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Magg comes in four flavours – the Regular version has fairly subtle ‘black noise’ on the characters, and the Dirty version has the effect of printing spatter showing more obviously.

The Naked version has the characters without any black noise or spatter, and the Jumbled version has the characters Jumbled about a bit. They all have an italics version.

There’s still a lot of Open Type features in these fonts, including double-letter substitutions to avoid having two identical distressed characters together -they’re for all lower case combinations aa – zz. There’s also some Upper Case ones as well, including same-letter pairs (like EE TT) and different-letter pairs (like AL LS), and double zero 00. Plus there’s all the ff ligatures, and special characters for (C) (c) (R) (r) (P) (p) (TM) copyright registered published and TradeMark. There’s the basic Open Type features you’d expect, as well, such as Superscript and Subscript; zero for a slashed zero; and Kerning, of course, which will be Class Kerning to include accented characters.

There’s an Instructions file which should be downloaded with the zip of the fonts, and which can be viewed along with the images in the Gallery, which gives the details.

Fonts Included:

Magg Dirty
Magg Dirty Italic
Magg Italic
Magg Jumbled
Magg Jumbled Italic
Magg Naked
Magg Naked Italic
Magg Regular


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