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Majora Super Family [24 Fonts]

Majora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Majora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Majora is a slab serif typeface which derives its name from a Portuguese historical toy manufacturer. The font comes in 8 styles, ranging from a delicate Thin to a robust Black, with matching italics and an upright version of stencil fonts, resulting in a total of 24 weights.

Majora is well-suited to a wide range of design projects which include packaging, editorial design, screen use, etc. Its humanistic features and moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes make it also suitable for long block of texts while having a high degree of legibility. The font includes a set of alternate glyphs which help give your compositions a different and unique look.

The Stencil version was specially designed for use in signage, packaging, titles and headings.

Majora contains a set of 520 characters that support over 200 Latin-based languages.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Majora Black
Majora Bold
Majora ExtraBold
Majora ExtraLight
Majora Light
Majora Regular
Majora SemiBold
Majora Black Italic
Majora Bold Italic
Majora ExtraBold Italic
Majora ExtraLight Italic
Majora Light Italic
Majora Regular Italic
Majora SemiBold Italic
Majora Stencil Black
Majora Stencil Bold
Majora Stencil ExtraBold
Majora Stencil ExtraLight
Majora Stencil Light
Majora Stencil Regular
Majora Stencil SemiBold
Majora Stencil Thin
Majora Thin
Majora Thin Italic


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Majora Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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