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Marahuyo Font Family Set [2 Fonts]

Marahuyo Font Family Set [2 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Marahuyo Font Family Set includes two separate font files combined as a family, Marahuyo Regular, and Marahuyo Swash. Both include all of the main characters- uppercase & lowercase, numbers and symbols, discretionary ligatures, and a few stylistic alternates. Marahuyo Regular additionally includes initial forms (special beginning lowercase letters), and a few special ligatures. Two of the special ligatures include the word “love” and “R.S.V.P.”. Marahuyo Swash includes initial and terminal forms (beginning and end swashes).

Check out all of the characters in this font by clicking on, and expanding, the third image in the previews above.

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Marahuyo Font Family Set [2 Fonts] | The Fonts Master



Marahuyo Regular
Marahuyo Swash

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