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Market Sans [6 Fonts]

Market Sans [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Market Sans:

Market Sans: Typography defines the voice of a brand—from the messages it shares with the world to the people it touches. In partnership with Swiss Typefaces, Market Sans is a new typeface designed to herald the relaunch of ebay’s brand—redefining the voice of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Fonts included:

  1. Market Sans Bold
  2. Market Sans Light
  3. Market Sans Medium
  4. Market Sans Regular
  5. Market Sans SemiBold
  6. Market Sans Thin

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Download Market Sans Family

Market Sans

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  • Sadly, it appears Zippy Share is now defunct. Only fairly recently – 2023 – according to the notice on the (now dormant) landing page. Thought you should know…

  • Hi Helen, thank you. As you can see, we have put up announcements both on the top and the bottom of all pages on TheFontsMaster as soon as ZippyShare announced it was closing down. We are looking into quality alternatives and will update you as soon as we have reached a decision on how to move on. Since then, we appreciate your patience and we keep replying to all emails requesting Super Families or free fonts just to make up for this inconvenience.