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MFC Bruce’s Corners Three [1 Font]

Mfc Bruce'S Corners Three [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

Mfc_Bruce03-Disc-O [Complete Font Family @]

The inspiration source for Bruce’s Corners Three is a collection of the Metal Corners from the 1882 “Specimens of Printed Types” from Bruce’s New-York Type-Foundry. This collection of ornate corners has been put together with their matching precision rules, alternate bare corners, and a basic line frame for added versatility.

You can start with a new document or work on a new layer within an existing document. Select MFC Bruce Corners Three from the font menu. (Some users may have font previewing enabled in the font menu which will cause the font name to appear as border elements, disable this option in order to choose the name)

Make certain that the point size of the font is the same as the leading being applied to the font so the borders will meet up properly. While we’ve adjusted this within the font, your program may override these settings. For instance a 12 point font should have 12 points of leading. A PDF guidebook for MFC Bruce’s Corners Three is included in the font package.

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Mfc Bruce'S Corners Three [1 Font] | The Fonts Master



MFC Bruce’s Corners Three

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