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Midieval Vintage Label [6 Fonts]

Midieval Vintage Label [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Midieval Vintage Label [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Vintage Label Typeface Named Midieval. Good Font To Use In Any Vintage Labels Or Logo.

Here is a classic look label typeface named “Midieval”. It’s made in vintage label style. Font is perfect for any labels design.


EPS10 files with all graphics stuff from screenshots.
OTF and WOFF font files.
6 styles of font, named Midieval Aged, Midieval Regular, Midieval ShadowFX, Midieval TextureAndShadow, Midieval TextureAndShadowFX, Midieval TextureFX.
You can mix these styles how do you like. Because in complect are included additional fonts – Midieval ShadowFX, Midieval TextureAndShadowFX, Midieval TextureFX. For example: type your phrase in Regular, copy and past at same position and change font to Shadow FX. Copy and paste at the same position and change font to Texture FX. You will get Midieval font with shadow and texture effect! And you can change color of each element!

Fonts Included:

Midieval Aged
Midieval Regular
Midieval Shadow FX
Midieval Texture And Shadow
Midieval Texture And Shadow FX
Midieval Texture FX


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