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Morison Super Family [32 Fonts]

Morison Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Morison Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Morison is an original but versatile serif family. With just about the right amount of personality and character, it can stand out when needed, but works equally well in everyday tasks where legibility is the key.

The Morison family consists of separate stylistic ranges for display and text use. Each range comes in eight weights with corresponding italics.

The display versions are sophisticated enough for tasks where a certain amount of extra elegance and flair are required, without compromising much on legibility. The text versions, however, are true workhorses, suitable for continuous texts in small sizes.

All Morison fonts are equipped with handy Open Type features, such as built-in small capitals and multiple numeral styles.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Morison Bold
Morison Bold Italic
Morison Display Bold
Morison Display Bold Italic
Morison Display Extrabold
Morison Display Extrabold Italic
Morison Display Extralight
Morison Display Extralight Italic
Morison Display Italic
Morison Display Light
Morison Display Light Italic
Morison Display Medium
Morison Display Medium Italic
Morison Display Regular
Morison Display Semibold
Morison Display Semibold Italic
Morison Display Semilight
Morison Display Semilight Italic
Morison Extrabold
Morison Extrabold Italic
Morison Extralight
Morison Extralight Italic
Morison Italic
Morison Light
Morison Light Italic
Morison Medium
Morison Medium Italic
Morison Regular
Morison Semibold
Morison Semibold Italic
Morison Semilight
Morison Semilight Italic


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Morison Super Family [32 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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