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Neutrif Pro [10 Fonts]

Neutrif Pro [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Neutrif Pro [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Neutrif Pro™ is a modern style sans serif, designed for flexibility, proportions and better balance with carefully crafted diacritics and extensive kerning for a Grotesque typeface. Inspired from Geometric sans-serif typefaces and modernism style Neutrif Pro™ was a Grot constructed around regularized widths and a lack of stroke modulation with little optical “correction”.

In the transition from a few weights into full family Neutrif Pro™ has Ten styles, We wanted to adapt Neutrif Pro™ into a versatile typeface, while maintaining as much of the original character as possible.

Fonts Included:

Neutrif Pro Bold
Neutrif Pro Bold Italic
Neutrif Pro Italic
Neutrif Pro Light
Neutrif Pro Light Italic
Neutrif Pro Medium
Neutrif Pro Medium Italic
Neutrif Pro Regular
Neutrif Pro SemiBold
Neutrif Pro SemiBold Italic


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