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Nutmeg Super Family [36 Fonts]

Nutmeg Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Nutmeg Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Nutmeg is a geometric typeface with a slight flavored touch. Although its structure is stick to the traditional forms, its details transform this typeface in a boldly project that separates it from other geometric fonts. Nutmeg’s texture can be perceived as a clean typeface that is comfortable to the human eye, furthermore, if you use it in big sizes Nutmeg’s details can be seen as a display font. Under these two ways of perceiving this typefamily, we took the decision of split this type project in two families: a cleaner and more rational Nutmeg versus a Headline version that has more flavored details at the end of the characters.

Designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, fractions, special numbers, arrows, extended language support and many more… Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display/text use. The 36 fonts are the first part of a larger Nutmeg family.

We’re proud to introduce: Nutmeg.

Learn about upcoming releases, work in progress and get to know us better!

Fonts Included (.TTF):

Nutmeg Black
Nutmeg Black Italic
Nutmeg Bold
Nutmeg Bold Italic
Nutmeg Book
Nutmeg Book Italic
Nutmeg Extra Bold
Nutmeg Extra Bold Italic
Nutmeg Headline Black
Nutmeg Headline Black Italic
Nutmeg Headline Bold
Nutmeg Headline Bold Italic
Nutmeg Headline Book
Nutmeg Headline Book Italic
Nutmeg Headline Extra Bold
Nutmeg Headline Extra Bold Italic
Nutmeg Headline Light
Nutmeg Headline Light Italic
Nutmeg Headline Regular
Nutmeg Headline Regular Italic
Nutmeg Headline Thin
Nutmeg Headline Thin Italic
Nutmeg Headline Ultra Black
Nutmeg Headline Ultra Black Italic
Nutmeg Headline Ultra Light
Nutmeg Headline Ultra Light Italic
Nutmeg Light
Nutmeg Light Italic
Nutmeg Regular
Nutmeg Regular Italic
Nutmeg Thin
Nutmeg Thin Italic
Nutmeg Ultra Black
Nutmeg Ultra Black Italic
Nutmeg Ultra Light
Nutmeg Ultra Light Italic


—–> Nutmeg is a Super Family that costs $277 <—–

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Nutmeg Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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