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Objektiv Super Family [46 Fonts]

Objektiv Super Family [46 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Ever since calligraphic letterforms evolved into type, people have tried to rationalize the lines and curves of letter shapes into geometric forms.

As far back as the 15th century, Albrecht Dürer (Of the Just Shaping of Letters) endeavoured to describe a serif with circles and arcs: height to width proportions reference the golden ratio. At the height of the Bauhaus era, with its search for form which follows function, Herbert Bayer and Jan Tschichold experimented with geometry in type and typography. Futura, designed by Paul Renner, is a result of this thinking. But even the designers of these era eventually acknowledged that, for type, form following function is not achieved by geometry but by harmonious proportions.

Objektiv takes a new look at geometry. Its designer, Bruno Mello, followed the principles of mathematical structures but didn’t forget that this typeface is to be used by humans.

What at first glance appears to have been drawn by a compass has in fact been adjusted to account for the way that we perceive the world. The proportions of the characters have not been dictated by geometry and mathematics, but by their harmony with one another, and by what our eyes judge to be right.

Optics is governed by geometry and by mathematics. Lenses, for example, are positioned and adjusted to give specific harmonious ratios of macro or micro. Objektiv, with its three style variants, echoes this principle: for display purposes, Bruno Mello created Mk1, with classically geometric and unforgiving shapes, while for the micro-typographic environment of body copy, where the human simply needs to be able to read the message, Mk3 delivers maximum legibility. Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 progressively zoom from macro into micro typography.

Objektiv supports the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic writing systems, covering over 400 languages. Objektiv is also available as a variable font, a single file containing all 14 weights and styles, plus every possible weight in between. The Variable Font version of Objektiv is called Objektiv VF.

To download a free trial of Objektiv and Objektiv VF, register, log in, and agree to the appropriate licence agreement in your Font Locker.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Objektiv Mk1 Bd
Objektiv Mk1 BdIt
Objektiv Mk1 Blk
Objektiv Mk1 BlkIt
Objektiv Mk1 It
Objektiv Mk1 Lt
Objektiv Mk1 LtIt
Objektiv Mk1 Md
Objektiv Mk1 MdIt
Objektiv Mk1 Rg
Objektiv Mk1 Th
Objektiv Mk1 ThIt
Objektiv Mk1 XBd
Objektiv Mk1 XBdIt
Objektiv Mk2 Bd
Objektiv Mk2 BdIt
Objektiv Mk2 Blk
Objektiv Mk2 BlkIt
Objektiv Mk2 It
Objektiv Mk2 Lt
Objektiv Mk2 LtIt
Objektiv Mk2 Md
Objektiv Mk2 MdIt
Objektiv Mk2 Rg
Objektiv Mk2 Th
Objektiv Mk2 ThIt
Objektiv Mk2 XBd
Objektiv Mk2 XBdIt
Objektiv Mk3 Bd
Objektiv Mk3 BdIt
Objektiv Mk3 Blk
Objektiv Mk3 BlkIt
Objektiv Mk3 It
Objektiv Mk3 Lt
Objektiv Mk3 LtIt
Objektiv Mk3 Md
Objektiv Mk3 MdIt
Objektiv Mk3 Rg
Objektiv Mk3 Th
Objektiv Mk3 ThIt
Objektiv Mk3 XBd
Objektiv Mk3 XBdIt
Objektiv VF Italics Wght
Objektiv VF Wght
Objektiv VF Wght Ital


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