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Okojo Pro Super Family [24 Fonts]

Okojo Pro Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Okojo Pro Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Okojo Pro Complete family is a reworking of Wordshape’s immensely popular Okojo family of typefaces. It includes Okojo Pro, a semi-geometric sans serif, Okojo Slab Pro, a semi-geometric slab serif, Okojo Pro Display, a round-cornered sans serif variation, and Okojo Slab Pro Display, a round-cornered slab serif.

The entire Okojo Pro family looks great at small or large sizes. The Okojo Pro family is designed for readability in long texts while simultaneously functioning as effective display type.

Features of Okojo Pro Display:
– all lowercase characters have an enlarged x-height, creating less optical dazzle than typefaces like Futura, Neutra or Avant Garde
– more humanist numerals and punctuation for enhanced readability
– complete Western, Central and Eastern European characters sets
– radically improved spacing guaranteeing beautiful results in print and on screen for the Czech, English, Hungarian, Croatian, Esperanto, Maltese, Romanian, Turkish, Albanian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Basque, Bulgarian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian languages

The Okojo Pro Display family is influenced by the type designs of Paul Renner and Herb Lubalin, but smoothed over with more than a bit of Americana.

Both work well on-screen as webfonts and in print as book type. Each is hinted with accuracy and kerned with precision.The lighter weights are slightly slimmer than the regular and bold weights to give the typeface more of a vertical feel, inviting readers’ to rapidly read typeset text with a maximum of contrast and a minimum of optical distortion.

Okojo: it’s a little bit country and a little bit rock’n’roll.

Fonts Included:

Okojo Pro Bold
Okojo Pro BoldItalic
Okojo Pro Italic
Okojo Pro Light
Okojo Pro LightItalic
Okojo Pro Regular
Okojo Pro Display Bold
Okojo Pro Display BoldItalic
Okojo Pro Display Italic
Okojo Pro Display Light
Okojo Pro Display LightItalic
Okojo Pro Display Regular
Okojo Slab Pro Bold
Okojo Slab Pro BoldItalic
Okojo Slab Pro Italic
Okojo Slab Pro Light
Okojo Slab Pro LightItalic
Okojo Slab Pro Regular
Okojo Slab Pro Display Bold
Okojo Slab Pro Display BoldItalic
Okojo Slab Pro Display Italic
Okojo Slab Pro Display Light
Okojo Slab Pro Display LightItalic
Okojo Slab Pro Display Regular


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Okojo Pro Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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