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The goal behind oposta was to create a bold display typeface, for impactful headlines and posters. This was achieved trough a set of over 2000 interlocking characters, specifically designed to reduce excessive white space and create tight word blocks. It all starts with the basic letter shapes, by reversing the contrast we’re shifting most of the weight to the top and bottom serifs. This allows us to create two imaginary horizontal lines, inducing a sense of connection between letters. Both upper and lowercase letters share the same x-height, allowing them to be mixed together for more creative expression. However, to maximise this effect we decided to go one step further. If you turn on the opentype feature Discretionary Ligatures all of your letters will be replaced by alternate versions of themselves, specially designed to connect. The “A” will gain a top serif, some letters will change design completely while others will see their serifs (and other elements) get extended to better fill the remaining white space. The best part is that this all happens automatically, and you’re still able to mix upper and lowercase letters to achieve the perfect look. Even better, turn on the opentype feature Swash and you’ll get letters with expressive strokes in the beginning/ending of words whenever it’s possible to do so. Here are some examples of what you can expect to achieve.

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