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Throughout history, typography has always stood the test of time in remaining beautiful and timeless. From packaging, to medical designs, round edged sans serifs have always been found in some of the most classic designs dating back many centuries. Outdoor Code is a simple, sans serif styled font inspired by that vintage style of typography. This font was designed to carry a timeless, classic vibe and to assist in all sorts of design projects. Outdoor Code is ideal for logo design, packaging, typography arrangements, and all minimalistic layouts.

Contained in the package: 1 Fully Developed Font – containing symbols, 1 Vector Package – with all letters include in point form, to fully edit and use the font to create your own versions of it for personal use, and for varying weights.

The font contains standard kerning, however many interesting results can come from playing around with different kerning options. I find that more spacing tends to work. This font has yielded me great use within hundreds of projects. It is the first font I have fully developed start to finish, and I look forward to seeing what all of the amazing designers out there can do with it.

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Outdoor Code


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