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PIN Super Family [9 Fonts]

Pin Super Family [9 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Pin Super Family [9 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Conceived by Korean-born, New York-based Hoon Kim of design consultancy Why Not Smile, PIN is a three-weight, nine-cut family of geometric sans-serif types. The design, available in dot-matrix, stencil, and solid variations, is based on an expanding grid in which each weight rests comfortably within the other, expanding out from the stroke’s center-point.

Initiated by Kim after a chance look towards the ceiling in a London tube station—which revealed a circular, 24-bulb chandelier above—the project started with a 16-node variation on a geometric dot matrix and grew from there to ultimately include three styles and three weights, each applicable across body copy, headlines, and tables.

With a nearly monolinear stroke width and unique construction, PIN is intended to be mixed and matched liberally: lighter weights adjacent to darker ones, stencil alongside solid, etcetera—a type family in the traditional sense of the word.

PIN is available in three styles and three weights, comprising a family of nine cuts, each with wide language support and generous OpenType features.

Fonts Included (.TTF):

PIN 53 Light Dot
PIN 57 Light Stencil
PIN 59 Light Solid
PIN 63 Regular Dot
PIN 67 Regular Stencil
PIN 69 Regular Solid
PIN 73 Medium Dot
PIN 77 Medium Stencil
PIN 79 Medium Solid


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Pin Super Family [9 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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