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Poison Apple [6 Fonts]

Poison Apple [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Poison Apple:

Serifs, swashes & stylistic alternates (optional), flourishes, ornaments (frames,florets & fleurons) come together in this new font family, Poison Apple, available in Regular, Italic & Bold. There are currently 2 sets of ornaments, & each set features nearly 100 glyphs, & now there’s Poison Apple “Words”.

Poison Apple Words has just been updated again, I tried to make the “underline” more consistent in terms of angle & shape. Featured are “and”, “to”, “from”, “by”, “of” (& a bunch more), just some words that I thought might look nice on invites. Words will work with any program that automatically converts characters into ligatures, such as Photoshop, (sorry “Words” doesn’t show below). If you ever forget which words are included, just type “words” (with no quotes) in the program. The feature works like ligatures, & capitalized versions are also available (so there’s “for” and “For”, “By” and “by” and so on).

Some of Poison Apple’s characters come with 2 stylistic alternates, & can be accessed either via the “Stylistic Alternates” button in Photoshop (Window Character), or “Swash”. In this latest update, I also added a stylistic Alternate for the ampersand (&) glyph.

Fonts included:

  1. Poison Apple Bold V2
  2. Poison Apple Italic V2
  3. Poison Apple Ornaments 1
  4. Poison Apple Ornaments 2
  5. Poison Apple Regular V2
  6. Poison Apple Words

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Poison Apple

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