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Precious Sans Two Super Family [12 Fonts]

Precious Sans Two Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Precious Sans Two:

Precious Sans Two is a complete reworking of the 2002 design which was only ever available in PostScript format. Over a decade later G-Type’s Nick Cooke decided to re-appraise the typeface, scrutinise the old letterforms and overhaul the family.

Make no mistake though, Precious Sans Two is no rudimentary re-release; nearly every character has been redrawn, re-proportioned, respaced and improved.
Precious Sans Two is now in cross-platform compatible OpenType format with extended Latin language support for Western & Central Europe, the Baltics & Turkey.

The original quirkier glyphs (f, g, I) have been retained as an OT style set feature and the typeface now contains small caps and an extensive set of discretionary ligatures as well as both proportional & tabular figures.

The character set is further enhanced with the addition of 20 directional single and double arrows in each of the six weights which range from Thin through to Black, all with accompanying italics.

Precious Sans Two is a distinctively modern typeface, well equipped for advanced typographic use in print, web and digital publishing environments.

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. Precious Sans Two Black
  2. Precious Sans Two Black Italic
  3. Precious Sans Two Bold
  4. Precious Sans Two Bold Italic
  5. Precious Sans Two Demi Bold
  6. Precious Sans Two Demi Bold Italic
  7. Precious Sans Two Light
  8. Precious Sans Two Light Italic
  9. Precious Sans Two Medium
  10. Precious Sans Two Medium Italic
  11. Precious Sans Two Thin
  12. Precious Sans Two Thin Italic

Normal Price:

– – – >Precious Sans Two is a Super Family that normally costs $340 to purchase < – – –

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Precious Sans Two Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Precious Sans Two


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