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Prêt-à-porter Super Family [29 Fonts]

Prêt-À-Porter Super Family [29 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Prêt-à-porter is a project developed as part of a series of type experiments appearing on the blog ‘Letritas’. Prêt-à-porter is a very expressive friendly font with a handwritten look, smooth curves and strong identity. Its counterforms make it a carefree, wild, cheerful, light and highly readable typeface.

This type system consists of two Script families—Contrast and Linear—and a Slab family. The Contrast set works as a complement, providing more elegance and formal refinement. Both Linear and Contrast come in 5 weights plus Ornaments, which can be used as initial and terminal forms since they have been designed for connecting with each letter.

Linear and Contrast families include ligatures and the whole font family supports 208 different languages.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Prêt-à-porter Contrast Bold Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Bold
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Light Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Light
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Regular Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Regular
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Semi Bold Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Semi Bold
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Thin Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Contrast Thin
Prêt-à-porter Linear Bold Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Linear Bold
Prêt-à-porter Linear Heavy Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Linear Heavy
Prêt-à-porter Linear Light Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Linear Light
Prêt-à-porter Linear Regular Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Linear Regular
Prêt-à-porter Linear Thin Ornaments
Prêt-à-porter Linear Thin
Prêt-à-porter Slab Bold
Prêt-à-porter Slab Extra Bold
Prêt-à-porter Slab Extra Light
Prêt-à-porter Slab Heavy
Prêt-à-porter Slab Light
Prêt-à-porter Slab Normal
Prêt-à-porter Slab Regular
Prêt-à-porter Slab Thin
Prêt-à-porter Slab Ultra Light


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Prêt-À-Porter Super Family [29 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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