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Publica Play Super Family [18 Fonts]

Publica Play Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Publica Play is Publica Sans’ playful sister. It comes with loads of subtle open type features, tabular options, rare currencies signs and symbols and arrows – ‘Publica Play’ has everything you need for playful design tasks.

Take a close look at our gallery (especially ‘OpenType Features 1–7’) to discover the versatility of Publica Play.

Alternates and Stylistic Sets

Give your typography a certain spin with the variety of alternate letters provided. Explore the Stylistic Sets provided.


You need to set prices in exotic countries? No problem: Publica Play gives you loads of rare currency symbols.

Case Sensitive Forms

Sometimes you write in all caps and there are some symbols (e.g. brackets) that need some extra treatment to make it look perfect – that’s what case sensitive forms are for.


Publica Play provides 6 sets of figures, like lining, tabular, oldstyle, numerators …

Discretionary Ligatures

Ligatures can make your logo or headline look spicy. So there are plenty of them.

Fonts Included:

Publica Play Black Italic
Publica Play Black
Publica Play Bold Italic
Publica Play Bold
Publica Play ExtraBold Italic
Publica Play ExtraBold
Publica Play ExtraLight Italic
Publica Play ExtraLight
Publica Play Italic
Publica Play Light Italic
Publica Play Light
Publica Play Medium Italic
Publica Play Medium
Publica Play Regular
Publica Play Thin Italic
Publica Play Thin
Publica Play UltraLight Italic
Publica Play UltraLight


—–> Publica Play is a Super Family that costs $446 <—–

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Publica Play Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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