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Quercus Sans Super Famıly [16 Fonts]

Quercus Sans Super Famıly [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


“Quercus” is characterised by open, yet a little bit condensed drawing with sufficient spacing so that the neighbouring letters never touch. It has eight interpolated weights with respective italics. Their fine gradation allows to find an exact valeur for any kind of design, especially on the web. Quercus serif styles took inspiration from classicistic typefaces with vertical shadows, ball terminals and thin serifs. The italics have the same width proportion as upright styles. This “modern” attitude is applied to both families and calls for use on the same page, e g in dictionaries and cultural programmes. Serif styles marked by “10” are dedicated to textual point sizes and long reading. The sans-serif principle is rather minimalistic, with subtle shadows and thinned joints between curved shapes and stems. Quercus family comprises of the usual functionality such as Small Caps, Cyrillics, diacritics, ligatures, scientific and aesthetic variants, swashes, and other bells & whistles. It excels in informational and magazine design, corporate identity and branding, but it’s very well suited for book covers, catalogues and posters as well.

When choosing a name for this typeface I’ve been staring out from my studio window, thinking helplessly without any idea in sight. Suddenly I realised that all I can see is a spectacular alley of oaks (Quercus in Latin) surrounding my house. These oaks were planted by the builders of local ponds under the leadership of Jakub Krčín in the fifteenth century.

Fonts Included:

Quercus Sans
Quercus Sans Bold
Quercus Sans Bold Italic
Quercus Sans Italic
Quercus Sans Black
Quercus Sans Black Italic
Quercus Sans Book
Quercus Sans Book Italic
Quercus Sans Hairline
Quercus Sans Hairline Italic
Quercus Sans Light
Quercus Sans Light Italic
Quercus Sans Medium
Quercus Sans Medium Italic
Quercus Sans Thin
Quercus Sans Thin Italic


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Quercus Sans Super Famıly [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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