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Quiroh [7 Fonts]

Quiroh [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Quiroh is a functional typeface that expresses both artistic life and emotion. Taking its inspiration from the industrial revolution of the 19th Century where romance and science coincided. With a cushioned finish and designed according to traditional conventions, the sentiment is equally as important as the reason, resulting in a very pleasurable read. Quiroh includes both heavy display weights and lighter weights for small copy, it’s a perfect tool for communicating to the masses. Tall ascenders and descenders give the typeface a distinctive look with an elegant feel, and while these expressive forms invite the reader to observe its visible shape and appearance, its rhythm and function invites the reader to peruse at their leisure.

Full details include 7 weights from thin to heavy with over 470 characters, manually edited kerning and OpenType features.

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Quiroh [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master



Quiroh Thin
Quiroh Light
Quiroh Regular
Quiroh Medium
Quiroh Semi Bold
Quiroh Bold
Quiroh Heavy

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