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Rail Super Family [20 Fonts]

Rail Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Rail Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Rail is the best conveyance mechanism for your written communication. Precision, innovation and experience are the main foundation for this grandeur slab serif. It’s designed to provide great comfort and reduce any possible friction for your eyes. It’s highly recommended for complex typography projects like magazines and annual reports as well as for signs, headers and other inscriptions.

The precise construction of this slab serif signals the greater effectiveness of the letters that are coupled together in a beautiful harmony. Its construction is very legible, pleasant and familiar.

The typeface’s x-height is approximately 68% of its capitals. Rail italic is constructed at 11° angle. It is developed to provide real italic construction but enhanced with mechanical appearance. This makes the whole typeface very special and recognizable.

Fonts Included:

Rail Black
Rail BlackItalic
Rail Bold
Rail BoldItalic
Rail Caption
Rail CaptionItalic
Rail ExtraBold
Rail ExtraBoldItalic
Rail ExtraLight
Rail ExtraLightItalic
Rail Italic
Rail Light
Rail LightItalic
Rail Medium
Rail MediumItalic
Rail Regular
Rail Thin
Rail ThinItalic
Rail UltraLight
Rail UltraLightItalic


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Rail Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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