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About Reina:

Reina is Sproviero’s didone of the year.

Inspired in the sweet letters of calligraphy and typography masters of our past; such as Didot, Bodoni and the incredible Herb Lubalin, its aim was to incorporate the decorative accolades from blackletter and copperplate styles of calligraphy into a Modern Roman typeface.

Reina reflects sovereignty due to the enveloping atmosphere and the sensation of greatness that can be felt when using it. It has an unique way of standing over paper and screen, being its swashes responsible of an extreme elegance.

Similar to what Lian did in his last font Breathe, Reina was designed to be playful yet formal: While none of its alternates are activated it can be useful for short to medium length texts; and when the user chooses to make use of its open-type decorative glyphs, it can be useful for headlines with dazzling results.


Reina is a family with many members. In order to achieve better results when printing, Lian took his time to design the necessary styles: Reina 72 Pro, prepared for display sizes; Reina 36 Pro, for medium sizes; and Reina 12 Pro, the best for text or decorative words in small size.

Each of these members have variants inside, which are open-type programmed: The user decides which glyph to alternate, equalizing the amount of decoration wanted.

Reina Engraved Pro has the same features than the variants mentioned above.

The family also contains variants which were made exclusively for decoration. These are: Reina Words, a set of the most common words used in english, german, italian, french and spanish; Reina Capitals, which consists in a big set of ornamented capitals; and Reina Fleurons, those little friends which always help to embellish our work.

Fonts included:

  1. Reina 12 Pro
  2. Reina 12 Standard
  3. Reina 36 Pro
  4. Reina 36 Standard
  5. Reina 72 Pro
  6. Reina 72 Standard
  7. Reina Capitals
  8. Reina Engraved Pro
  9. Reina Engraved Standard
  10. Reina Fleurons
  11. Reina Words 1
  12. Reina Words 2

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